Amano MJR-7000 Amano MJR-8000 Amano PIX-200
Amano MJR-7000Amano MJR-8000Amano PIX-200

100-EMPLOYEE CALCULATING TIME RECORDER - SLASH PAYROLL PREP TIME. Programmable time recorder is the most popular calculating time recorder in U.S. history. Automatically calculates employee hours.

250-EMPLOYEE CALCULATING TIME RECORDER - "BIG BROTHER" TO MJR-7000. Programmable time recorder automatically calculates employee hours through consistent application of payroll policies...

An all-in-one electronic time recorder and date stamp designed to meet the typical needs and special requirements of contemporary business. The PIX-200 includes a wide variety of features.







Amano PIX-21 Amano PIX-25 Amano PIX-3000X
Amano PIX-21Amano PIX-25 Atomic Time Recorder/Time and Date StampAmano PIX-3000X
Not Available Replaced by: Amano PIX-25

Automatically synchronizes to the NIST Atomic Clock via wireless radio signals and adjusts for Daylight Savings Time while providing the benefits of an economical payroll recorder and time and date stamp functionality.

Both an electronic cost and payroll unit as well as a time and date stamping machine, the PIX-3000X is a heavy-duty, economical, and fully automatic side printer that imprints hours, minutes, and seconds. Also features alphanumeric character printing.







Amano TCX-21 TCX-45 Time Clock
Amano TCX-21Amano TCX-45 Digital Time Clock

An electronic cost and payroll recorder with analog clock... a heavy-duty, automatic side printer. (Model TCX- 22 offers full power battery operation.)

Not Available Replaced by: Amano PIX-25