Amano Ribbon and Key Bundle
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Amano Black Time Clock Ribbon and Time Clock Key Bundle

Features and Benefits:

Factory Original Time Clock Key Compatible with the following time clocks:

  • PIX-10
  • PIX-15
  • PIX-20
  • PIX-21
  • PIX-28
  • PIX-55
  • PIX-75
  • PIX-95
  • TCX-45
  • TCX-85
  • TCX-88
  • TCX-90

Technical Specifications:

  • Black ink ribbon - approximately 8,000 registrations
  • Refer to your operations manual for replacement instructions

Key (will be BLUE or YELLOW) with white durable key tag as shown.

  • availability: In Stock
  • Item #: CE315151-AJR201150
  • Manufacturer: Amano or Equal
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: CE-315151 AJR-201150
  • Condition: New

Amano Ribbon and Key Bundle

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