Time Card Rack 163H (12-Pocket, Steel)
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12-Pocket Clock Card Holder Specifications


Suggested Card Height

5 1/2 Inches

Opening Width

5 1/2 Inches




1 Inch

Pocket Depth

4 1/4 Inches

Overall Width

6 1/4 Inches

Overall Height

16 1/4 Inches

Depth (Front to Back)

2 1/2 Inches



Steel T-Card Rack Colors

Gray, Black, Brown, Ivory, Almond, Red, Traffic Blue, Yellow, Orange, Green, White, Sepia. and, Fluorescent Yellow.

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  • Item #: 163H
  • Manufacturer: VTI
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 163H
  • Condition: New

Time Card Rack 163H (12-Pocket, Steel)

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